We invite you to partner with us to unlock the potential of this fantastic raw material.

Our goal is to seize the vast potential of seaweed as a new and sustainable biomass. To make this happen we need radical thinking and new, enabling technologies across the value chain. We need to rethink how we produce, process and use seaweed.

We are proud to have worked with outstanding partners across the aquaculture sector - research institutes, universities and NGO's - on many cutting-edge projects in Norway and internationally. We will continue to promote collaboration and strong partnerships in all areas of production to meet the growing demand for seaweed.

Seaweed Farmers On Boat

Farming partnerships

In addition to operating our own farms we are growing through partnerships and joint ventures with other farmers, both in Norway and internationally. Excellence in seaweed biology and market focus is the formula for success. We offer our partners a secure supply of high-quality seeds, training, quality control and market access. Get in touch to farm with us.

Seaweed Solutions Harvest Carrier

Cultivation technology

For years we have worked to improve efficiency in deployment and harvest techniques, customising equipment, vessels and processes across the full value chain. Low-cost, modern cultivation technology is fundamental to unlock the full potential of seaweed and seaweed farms will gradually move further offshore where space and larger scale production is possible. We realised this from the very start and our first patent, the Seaweed Carrier, is now approved in 23 countries. Partners are welcome to join our exciting projects in technology development. 

Seaweed Cultures Lab

R&D partnerships

Seaweed Solutions is committed to innovation and we have invested more than 20 million euros on research since we started. Our scientific team works with partners and customers to roll out new innovations and improved solutions along the whole seaweed value chain. We are always looking for new R&D partnerships to further develop key areas of seaweed cultivation, downstream applications and new areas.