Our international team of seaweed enthusiasts

We have a dedicated, international team with backgrounds in marine biology, oceanography, marine engineering, biotechnology and business, and extensive hands-on experience working on bringing innovative solutions to the seaweed industry. Furthermore, we are lucky to work with a great group of students and interns who continuously help us in daily operations. 

Pål Bakken Seaweed Solutions

Pål Bakken. Founder.

After working with seaweed as a youth in Frøytang AS, a previously family owned seaweed operation in Norway, Pål started again with seaweed in 2006, when he founded SES. He was CEO until November 2014 and is now actively involved in the company as a director. Pål’s working experiences are all related to the ocean - as a successful entrepreneur in the aquaculture business with 12 years experience in the seafood and seaweed trade in Asia. Pål has a BSc with honours in Finance and Marketing from the University of Oregon, USA. He speaks Norwegian, English, Portuguese and Japanese.

+351 967 477 563 / bakken@seaweedsolutions.com

Jon Funderud Seaweed Solutions

Jon Funderud, MSc. CEO.

Jon joined SES in 2010 and has held several positions including Marine Biology Manager and Business Development Manager and has worked hands on with research, technology development, product development and sales. In 2015 he took over the role as CEO of the company. Previously, he spent 8 months at the Yellow Sea Fisheries Research Institute in Qingdao, China during his thesis working on Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture (IMTA) with field work in Sanggou Bay, one of the world's largest areas of seaweed cultivation. Jon has an MSc in Marine Coastal Development from NTNU, Trondheim. He speaks Norwegian and English.

+47 986 46 803 / funderud@seaweedsolutions.com

Hallvard Muri

Hallvard Muri. Chairman.

Hallvard joined the team as Chairman in August 2020. He has had a long career in the seafood and aquaculture related industries, including CEO of Akva group ASA, CEO of Aker BioMarine, General Manager and CFO for American Seafoods Group and Executive VP in Aker. He is currently holding Board positions at West Coast Salmon AS (Chairman), EnFlow AS, Scanbio Marine Group AS and Estramar Invest AS. Hallvard has a MSc in finance from the Norwegian Business School. He speaks Norwegian and English.

+47 915 80 750 / hallvard.muri@oceanharvest.no

Maren Sæther Seaweed Solutions

Maren Sæther, MSc. Quality Manager.

Maren joined SES in 2013 where she is currently responsible for processing of the biomass and quality control, as well as customer follow up and sales. She has acquired hands on experience in the whole cultivation cycle, from breeding and hatchery techniques, to sea operations, processing and finished product. Maren has a MSc in biotechnology from NTNU. She speaks Norwegian and English.

+47 993 64 510 / sather@seaweedsolutions.com

Diogo Reposo Seaweed Solutions

Diogo Raposo, MSc. Production Coordinator.

Diogo joined the team in 2013, where he is currently coordinating the different stages of the production chain (hatchery, sea farm and processing). Over the seasons, he has aquired valuable hands-on experience at these stages, as he has been previously managing the hatchery operations and the sea operations. Diogo has a MSc in Animal Science Engineering. He speaks Portuguese and English.

+47 919 02 402 / raposo@seaweedsolutions.com

Andreas Lavik Seaweed Solutions

Andreas Lavik, MSc. Sales and Projects.

Andreas joined the team in spring 2018, after years of work within the field, both as an intern at SES and as seaweed hatchery manager in the western part of Norway. Andreas is responsible for the supply of seedlings to external customers, including followup and tailoring products to each individual need. He also manages external projects and supplier relations. Andreas has a MSc in Marine Coastal Development (Dept. of Biology, NTNU, Trondheim). He speaks Norwegian, English and Spanish.

+47 971 22 635 / lavik@seaweedsolutions.com

David Aldridge Seaweed Solutions

David Aldridge, PhD. Seedling Production Manager.

David joined SES in 2017 to help the team with production in the hatchery. He is now responsible for producing seedlings, both for deployment at the company's sea farm and for external customers. He is also responsible for R&D related to seedling production and for continuously refining and improving the company’s seeding protocols. David has a PhD in Biological Oceanography. He speaks English, Portuguese and Norwegian.

+47 930 25 287 / aldridge@seaweedsolutions.com

Ana Borrero

Ana Borrero, PhD. Environmental Research Coordinator.

Ana joined SES in 2020 to assist with seedling production, R&D and sea farm monitoring. She is responsible for management and follow-up of environmental research projects, monitoring the growth and quality of the seaweed, environmental data analysis and R&D tasks to improve cultivation protocols. Ana has a PhD in Marine Science and Technology and has been working since 2010 in science on characterization of aquatic systems for monitoring purposes related to marine pollution and ocean acidification. She speaks Spanish, English and a bit of Norwegian.

+47 923 17 410 / borrero@seaweedsolutions.com

Kristian Cato Haugen

Kristian Cato Haugen. Sea Operations Manager.

Kristian joined the team in 2021. He has been working in the Aquaculture industry for more than 25 years. In the last 20 years, Kristian has been Site Manager at different Salmon farming locations, along the Norwegian coast. Now, he applies his valuable knowledge and long experience to the Seaweed industry, managing the sea farming operations in the region of Frøya and Hitra. He studied Aquaculture and speaks Norwegian and English.

+47 901 12 509 / haugen@seaweedsolutions.com

Frank Neumann Seaweed Solutions

Frank Neumann, Dipl.-Ing. Marine Technology Manager.

Frank joined SES in 2012, initially working on energy-scale and offshore seaweed cultivation visions. He now works on improving farming techniques, harvest and deployment operations, and further exposed systems. He assists in strategic issues, public support and new ventures, liaises with suppliers and project partners. He has 12 years of ocean wave energy and coastal engineering experience, being appointed Associate Director of the Wave Energy Centre, which he helped to create. Frank graduated as a Civil Engineer from the University of Karlsruhe, Germany. He speaks German, Portuguese and English.

+351 933 692 004 / neumann@seaweedsolutions.com

Lennart Ahrné Seaweed Solutions

Lennart Ahrné, PhD. Senior Market Advisor.

Lennart joined SES in 2018 as a senior market advisor, where he has been using his network and experience from the food industry to help develop the market for seaweed. He has been working at Tetra Pak International for 12 years stationed in Sweden, Switzerland and Germany. He worked for 2 years at SIK, a research Institute, then called SIK, Institute for Food Science and Biotechnology, and at Nordfalks Industri AB, Sweden and Nordfalks AS, Norway, as managing director for 18 years. Lennart holds a PhD from the University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala Sweden, partly conducted at Ohio State University. He speaks Swedish, English and Portuguese.

+351 933 608 423 / ahrne@seaweedsolutions.com

Sandra De Rijcke

Sandra de Rijcke, MSc. Seaweed Production and Research Technician

Sandra joined SES in 2021 as a seaweed cultivation assistant. Her main tasks are to assist with seedling production, sea farm monitoring and R&D. Sandra has an MSc in Natural Resources Management with a specialisation in Biology from NTNU. She speaks Dutch, English and Norwegian.

Seaweed Harvester On Boat

Knut Magnus Halvorsen. Seaweed Production Technician.

Knut Magnus joined SES in 2019. He works mainly in the hatchery, where he is responsible for maintaining and preparing equipment and facilities for production of seedlings. He also assists in sea work out in Frøya during deployment, harvest and maintenance operations. He has an education in nature management. He speaks Norwegian and English.

Seaweed Solutions Illustration