SeaBest H2020 project

Seaweed Solutions Hatchery

In the period March 2019 to February 2021, Seaweed Solutions (SES) concluded the SeaBest project, the so far most significant step towards enabling a large-scale value chain for European organic seaweed. The overall objective of the project was to enable commercial-scale operation, closing the the circle from seaweed spore to a high quality finished organic food product, as well as market maturation activities. The key solutions developed by SES were validated through demonstration activities throughout the value chain and brought to commercial readiness. Active engagement with the European food market was achieved, and key customers and market partners were identified and engaged in developing innovative food products using seaweed as a healthy and sustainable new raw material / ingredient with mainstream market appeal

Seaweed Rope Harvest

The project was structured into 6 Work Packages (WPs) and the activities comprised technical improvements for the sea farm operations including a new sea farm unit, improvements and extension of hatchery/nursery capacity, developing and demonstration of processing equipment with technical partners (including cutting, grinding, blanching, freezing), improving storage options and logistics, supply chain consolidation and drawing of an upscaling roadmap, step-changes in quality control and homogenity of final product, market engagement, joint product development and strategic partnership development.

Seaweed Solutions Seaweed Farm Aerial Image

SeaBest was successfully concluded by end of February 2021, and has contributed significantly to the present status of operations, which are evolving towards annual production volumes allowing for commercial maturation of European organic Kelp cultivation.

The project was supported by the EU’s SME Instrument scheme from the H2020 Programme, which targets highly innovative European SMEs with global market potential. SES won this grant in the face of strong competition from other projects across Europe and we are proud to have received this proof of excellence.