Quality seaweed seeds for your production

Seaweed Solutions is a supplier of high-quality seaweed seeds and associated services, customised to your needs. 

We enable seaweed cultivators to start growing seaweed with little effort and the best possible starting material for better growth, quality and profitability. Seeds are also provided for research & development projects.

Seaweed Seedling Spool

Kelp Seeds

We offer quality seaweed seedlings in your preferred format: on rope, vector twine or in flasks. The species we currently offer are Saccharina latissima and Alaria esculenta.

Seaweed Laboratory Work

Technical support

In addition to seeds we offer a range of associated services, depending on the needs of each customer. We offer: supply of high quality seedlings, logistics support, consultancy (to help with growing seaweed) and buy back of harvested seaweed.

Seaweed Breeding Laboratory

Breeding and seeding innovation

Improving genetic material is a key factor for success in all plant and animal production. Our ongoing research on seaweed breeding will result in the availability of superior seaweed strains to the market. We are also continuously developing new and innovative seeding methods – a key area of innovation for future large-scale farming.

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Saccharina Latissima
Seaweed Solutions Laboratory
Seaweed Gametophytes Microscope
Seaweed Seeding Frame
Seaweed Seed Supply
Kelp Seedlings
Seaweed Solutions Hatchery
David Aldridge Kelp Breeding
Seaweed Vectorspool