Great inter­est to cook with kelp

"Frøya high school sets up a kelp workshop. Already fully booked, but Asgeir Johansen promises more opportunities for enthusiasts who will create dishes with and from kelp.."

"The ocean offers enormous opportunities in terms of food production, and in terms of salmon then Frøya in the driver's seat. And the number of applications and dishes made with salmon are growing. But now there is a new product for tour, kelp. For around Frøya there are large amounts of kelp, a food product that still has a way to go in Norway. And there Frøya high school intends to do something."


"Tuesday, April 19th Frøya high school invites OI Trøndersk food and drink and Seaweed Energy Solutions to a workshop and the theme is precisely kelp."

"-The goal is to discover dishes with fresh seaweed, says discipline leader Asgeir Johansen from Frøya high school. He says that all the 20 seats are already booked and that all nine students from restaurant and electives are also among the participants of the workshop."

"Top interest"

"Frøya high school has sent out invitations to hotels in the region and selected restaurants in Trondheim, and interest has thus been impeccable."

"-This is the first time we organize such a workshop, so this is a kind of pilot, Johansen says. He adds that this is not a one-off."

"-We want to arrange more such [workshops], and will then go out to invite more openly with invitations, he says and promises more such workshops."

"Knowledge from Korea"

"At the workshop, they shall have a test kitchen where participants will both test and develop foods with just kelp as an ingredient."

"Organizers promise dripping fresh produce from Frøya to be combined with super fresh knowledge from field trips to South Korea, a country where the kelp has been part of the diet for many years. The aim is to produce food and recipes that can be tested both in restaurants and at home."

(translated from original article)

Original article in Norwegian:å-lage-mat-av-tare