There is a big and grow­ing inter­est in seaweeds”

Seaweed Energy Solutions has been involved in seaweed cultivation for almost 10 years. Quality manager Maren Sæther says it's better than ever.

The seaweed producer started in 2009 and has so far delivered red numbers every year. When will the operation be profitable, seems difficult to say.

"- It's time, there's no doubt. We have seen a good growth in recent years, and sales begin to grow a little", says Sæther in this podcast: (see link to orginial article below)

The company initially had a plan to make biofuel of tare but is now investing in the food market.

"- We currently produce at pilot scale, up to 100 tonnes a year, but we have opportunities to produce more when the market is ready for more seaweeds. We have an upscaleable production", says Sæther.

Learn more about the challenges of seaweed production and what the seaweeds really can be used for in the podcast. 

Translated from original article in Norwegian: